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Top Ten Helpful Homework Hints For Students

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High School Study Tips #4: Have a routine

top ten helpful homework hints for students
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For younger children, a parent may need to create a homework calendar that both the parent and the child can clearly access and see. This may help a child learn how to plan ahead and create a schedule for long-term elementary and middle school projects.

For high school kids, this may mean that a parent talks with their teen about setting progress goals for assignments each day. Parents should have clear rules about writing down assignments in a notebook or remembering to bring all necessary homework materials, such as books or calculators, home each night.

If a child fails to hold up their end of the bargain, then the established consequences should be enforced. This may mean that a small office is stocked with pens, paper, and necessary tools for assignments; however, on the other hand, this also may mean that a child may need to access the library each day for homework if they are too distracted at home.

Children are gradually assigned more homework tasks as they progress through the school grades, and parents can intervene and teach children how to prioritize their homework assignments. If a project is due in a week, a parent can help their child to set up a timeline for small tasks each day.

Or, if a child is feeling overwhelmed, a parent can help their child make a list of everything that must be done, and then number each task in order to prioritize the academic responsibilities. While public schools send out report cards and progress reports, many schools now post grades and homework assignments online.

If a child successfully meets all of the outlined homework rules and expectations, parents can allow certain appropriate freedoms if their child seems to be excelling in their tasks and schoolwork. Many times, especially when a child feels overwhelmed with a task or assignment, parents can offer support by simply helping their child study. This involves quizzing a child, teaching a child study strategies, or also just helping a child get organized.

But in the long run, it ends up causing us MORE trouble, right? Instead, think instead of how things will be after you FINISH that task, and use this to fuel your energy towards getting it done! Since clutter is a distraction, keep your study spot organized. One student we interviewed had the following strategy for keeping track of assignments:.

It takes time to shift attention from homework to some other source of information and additional time to shift attention back. Not only does that constant shifting influence the amount of time it takes to get work done, it also affects the quality of the study itself. Sitting at a computer for 5 hours… or doing ANY one task for an extended period of time can put a strain on you.

Studies by Gao et al and Floru and Cail concluded that performance starts to deteriorate after minutes of continuous work. This trend can be reversed by taking rest breaks every 40 minutes at least. One of the best ways you can counteract negative thoughts like you did with procrastination in step 6 is to replace them with positive, actionable ones.

Our article on test anxiety goes into detail about how to do this. Use the app that works best for you — any of these apps can make high school life just a little bit easier! That was a lot of info. To review, here are the top 10 high school study tips we discussed:. Did I miss any high school study tips in this list? How do you study, and does it work well for you?

Tell us about it in the comments below! Thanks for the article — I am at one of my lowest points as an academic and a musician. Old habits die hard. Many students are pressuring themselves or just plain over-the-top stressed out over this matter.

Yes, Kate, let us know what specifically we could help with!? Co-authored by Renae Hintze I still remember the day when I walked into my 9 th grade Geometry class and was handed a test that I had completely forgotten about. Because of this one mistake, I spent the rest of my year working to bring my grade up and it was unbelievably hard… BUT, It was a great life lesson.

High School Study Tips 1: Be engaged, take notes, and listen. The following two tabs change content below. My name is Todd. I help students design the life of their dreams by ensuring college, scholarship, and career success! Latest posts by Todd VanDuzer see all. Kate not a problem!

High School Study Tips #3: Have an organizational system in place

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Homework allows a student to more thoroughly learn and understand the material instructed; furthermore, actively engaging in homework teaches students how to become advocates for their own learning, as they can engage in an inquiry-based process of asking . to complete their homework! Top Ten Homework Tips for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities by Wendy, M.A.T. The Environment Location: Your child should complete his/her homework in the same location every night. Hint: Have your child assist you in choosing the location. Also, make sure your child’s homework space has plenty of lighting.

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High School Study Tips #4: Have a routine Aside from keeping track of your assignments in your high school planner, another good high school study skill is to get into a regular routine. For example, waking up the same day every morning. Wading through homework can be the bane of the school year. Here are 10 tips to help your kid make homework manageable.