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Free Math and Reading Games

Reading , Writing , Reading Strategies. Kindergarten , 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , Homeschool. Worksheets , Activities , Homework. Differentiated Reading Logs for Homework.

This includes 4 differentiated versions for each month of the year Jan-Dec. They will help students keep track of their reading habits and their opinions about books. You can use the same reading log with the whole class, or differentiate by giving students the version that best fits their literac. Balanced Literacy , Reading , Spanish. PreK , Kindergarten , 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd. Worksheets , Activities , Printables.

Reading Log and Homework. Reading , Reading Strategies , Back to School. Homework , Printables , Google Apps. Reading Log-Homework and Practice! This particular reading log includes a log for each day of the week including the weekend , but I only attach one inculding logs for Monday-Thursday since they turn it in on Friday. Novel Study , Homework , Printables.

This download includes 54 pre-made weekly reading logs. At the bottom of each reading log is a small homework portion. Homework portions cover a variety of topics from word wall words, literacy, math, and handwriting.

You can pick and choose from these reading logs to coordinate with your current. Worksheets , Handouts , Homework. Reading Logs Homework and Morning Work.

There is a new page for each day of the week and a separate reading log to record all the books that have been read. The activities can be used wi. These are tthree weeks of reading logs for homework. Each week has Monday-Thursday night with directions and a prompt and a place to record the title and pages read.

They will turn this in each morning for you to check off and turn in on Fridays. This is a great way to keep your students accounta. Balanced Literacy , Reading , Informational Text. Assessment , Homework , Printables. Reading Logs and Homework Program: Read to Succeed Monthly Logs. Kids can now record their at-home reading with or without minutes Reading Logs without parent signatures and become more fluent readers.

However, it can be used as your homework with no problem. Once I share my comp. Balanced Literacy , Reading , Reading Strategies. Activities , Printables , For Parents. Reading Log for Homework Folder. Parents are asked to listen to their child read the assigned book, rate it and initial.

Free Math and Reading Games. Preparing a homeschool child for college Homeschooling can adequately prepare a student for college. Get Homework Help Check out our Homework Help resources to find worksheets, practice tests and tutorials to help your student succeed. These educational games make study time feel like play time. Find a Tutor Set your student up for success! Reading to the Beat: Learning on the Go: To become a fluent reader, more strategies are required.

Here are some of them: This means some words cannot be sounded out and just have to be learned by memory, such as sight words. Good readers need a memorized word bank for automaticity and fluency in reading. In that word, your mouth opens five times five syllables! Of course, we do not expect children to know what that means. We clap as we say words in school, four claps for happy birthday. Also, children can find little words in big words to help them read longer words.

This means to make connections between similar words to read a new word. For instance, if you know the word cake , you can more easily read the word lake. Or if you know the word cook , it is easier to connect that to the word cookie, than to completely sound it out over again.

This means to look over the entire word. Many times children will stop reading if a word looks difficult, making no attempt to word solve.

One trick teachers use is to put a red dot under the middle of the word to get the child to look all the way through the sounds. This will often help the child figure out the word. This means to try a word and see if it makes sense. Fix-up bear means it is alright to go back and reread and fix an error. We do not have to race through reading just to be done. We read to understand. If we make an error, it should be fixed. This is sort of an amazing strategy. This strategy may be used when a few others have been tried without success.

It means to ask another person for help! By making an attempt to really notice the first sound, it is often enough for the child to try to finish the word. This strategy is second best to Stretchy Snake. Skippy frog is using context to figure out a word, but what we tell children is to skip the word and keep reading the sentence. Most often, they realize they can figure out the word by using this strategy.

They somehow do not think this strategy is OK, so we tell them good readers use Skippy frog, too. This is the whisper it out strategy. Sound it out uses strong, separate sounds the child is trying to connect together. When we whisper, we naturally connect sounds as they should be connected in reading. Another strategy might be more useful in those cases. I love this post!! Bottom line…this has to become a part of the culture of your home. With my daughter, I am working on consistency.

We conduct SSR for 20 minutes with a timer.

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