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Homework help history victorians poor! Creative writing exam questions


❶For she had said that she was better than them all, and for that reason the NEREIDS felt angry and Poseidon, sharing their wrath, sent a flood and a monster to invade the land. There he found a host full of people always banqueting and holding joyful revelry, who welcomed him kindly.

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Homework help history victorians poor! Creative writing exam questions

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Phaethon wanted to impress his sisters and show them what a high stature he had attained. But the youth was inexperienced and in his excitement at this incredible ride soon lost control of the strong steeds. Flying too far from the earth, they caused the inhabitants to freeze and shiver as the sun chariot flew higher and higher, and all the plants began to shrivel and die. But at once plunging down and flying too close to the earth, they scorched and burned the people and landscape, causing terrible grief and hysteria.

Zeus heard the anguished cries of the people and, seeing the runaway team of horses pulling the sun, with a terrified Phaethon clinging on for dear life, became very angry. Gaea Mother Earth , distressed at the danger her realm was in, beseeched Zeus to do something to stop it.

The incompetent Phaethon tumbled from the sky into either the river Po or the river Eridanus, and there the Naiads, who were Nymphs of the water, carved his epitaph: Because of this catastrophe it have been said that one entire day went without the sun, but still light was not lacking because the world was burning so brightly from the close fly-by of Phaethon. His mother Clymene wandered the entire earth looking for his limbs and bones and his best friend, King Cycnus of Liguria, mourned so much for his dead friend that he abandoned his kingdom and went weeping along the river Eridanus until finally he was turned into a swan.

There was a violent disagreement between two men named Atreus and Thyestes, with Zeus taking the side of Atreus over the other man. At stake was the kingdom of Mycenae, a rich and powerful place. Zeus sent a message to Helios, that he should reverse his course at the appointed time. He then told Atreus to make Thyestes swear that he would give up any claims to the throne if a divine miracle, such as the sun going backwards, would occur. That was the first and only day that the sun set in the east.

When Zeus desired to lay with a mortal woman named Alcmene so that he could father Heracles Hercules , he commanded Helios to take three days off. He wanted to turn one night into three because he knew the creation of such a great hero as Heracles could not be rushed.

Zeus next had Selene Moon go slowly and Hypnos Sleep to make the world so drowsy that nobody noticed this strange occurrence. Heracles strung his bow and let fly an arrow at Helios, but immediately realized his mistake and apologized profusely to the sun god.

Equally courteous, Helios then gave Heracles a golden goblet, shaped like a water-lily, which he used to sail across the great Oceanus. One time the sea god Poseidon got into a dispute with Helios over ownership of Corinth, a rich region of Greece. The argument was left to Zeus to decide and the King of the Olympians ruled that Helios could keep the Acropolis of Corinth and Poseidon would possess the Isthmus of Corinth, which greatly displeased the god of the sea.

Since Helios sees everything that happens during the daytime he was the one to inform Hephaestus that his wife Aphrodite was being unfaithful with Ares. Acting on this information, Hephaestus fashioned a net so fine it was nearly invisible, but strong as steel, and captured the two love birds in bed. To punish Helios for being such a big-mouth, Aphrodite caused him to fall in love with a mortal beauty named Leucothoe, and his seduction of her led to her death.

It was Helios the all-seeing to whom Demeter turned for information when she was seeking her kidnapped daughter, Persephone. In anger she withdrew her services and the earth began to wither and die while Demeter wandered the earth in search of Persephone.

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