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History Homework, please help Part 1!?

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❶Cities in the Midwest.


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North America Map

What temporary land mass linking Siberia and Alaska is thought to have allowed hunter-gatherers to migrate from Asia to North America? Why is the information available to archaeologists about early Why is the information available to archaeologists about early Native American cultures very limited? Inter-tribal warfare eliminated large numbers of Native Americans, so little information was available.

Native American cultures were highly secretive, so it was not possible to locate information about their cultures. The nomadic tribes burned all documents and selected artifacts before they moved to new locations, so no information was available.

Match the Native American culture with the correct description. Mississippians Match the Native American culture Points: Match the Native American culture with the letter from the map that indicates where the culture was found. What mountain range extends from British Columbia to New Mexico?

What river flows from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico and drains almost half of the United States in the process? Which statement does the graph clearly support? Native Americans fled when Europeans arrived. Native Americans lost land wars to Europeans.

Native Americans died from diseases brought by Europeans. What did Captain John Smith require of colonists at Jamestown? They work in order to eat. Where are the Himalayan mountains? The Himalayas are the great mountain system of Asia. The Alps is a vast mountain system in south central Europe. About 13 million people live in the Alps in over 6, communities. The Alps are one of the largest and highest mountain ranges in the world, covering some ,km 2 of land area, stretching over miles 1, km from Austria and Slovenia in the east, through Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany to France in the west.

The Alps includes several hundred peaks and glaciers, including numerous peaks over 12, feet, with Mont Blanc highest at 15, feet. The Andes are the second highest Mountain Range in the world with many peaks rising over 20, feet.

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The third largest of the continents, North America extends from Alaska, the Queen Elizabeth Islands, and Greenland to Panama’s eastern border with Colombia in South America.. Jul 11,  · Picture of Continents and Oceans Map (png, pdf image).