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The chart below should help you to synthesise your thinking to date. Work through each of the boxes but be prepared to revisit this at different stages of the dissertation. Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Method Approaches. London, Sage, chapter 4. Guide to undergraduate dissertations in the social sciences. Content About this site What is a Dissertation? How to start your dissertation Help with finding literature and research Formulating the research question.

Introduction What is a good research question? Resources Further reading Research papers. Formulating the Research Question 1 Introduction In the previous section we talked about ways to define your topic, but there is a difference between a topic and a question.

Manageable in terms of research and in terms of your own academic abilities. Substantial and with original dimensions. Consistent with the requirements of the assessment. Relevant The question will be of academic and intellectual interest to people in the field you have chosen to study. Manageable You need to be realistic about the scope and scale of the project.

Substantial and within reason original The question should not simply copy questions asked in other final year modules, or modules previously undertaken. Consistent with the requirements of the assessment The question must allow you the scope to satisfy the learning outcomes of the course.

Clear and simple The complexity of a question can frequently hide unclear thoughts and lead to a confused research process. Interesting This is essential. Some questions are convenient - the best you can come up with when you are asked to state a question on a form, maybe — or perhaps the question fits in with your units so you decide it will suffice.

Some questions are fads - t hey arise out of a particular set of personal circumstances, for example a job application. Once the circumstances change you can lose enthusiasm for the topic and it becomes very tedious. Make sure you note, either on computer or on index cards, anything you read that is relevant to your study. Can you map out the contemporary debates and critiques in the area? Are there any recent legal or policy changes of significance? What are the main practice issues to consider?

What access do you have to it? Will there be ethical issues? How might you be able to negotiate access? What obstacles are there? While it is early days to be specific about you data collection, it is important to know that you are on a course which will yield data, rather than a series of negative responses.

What sort of time scales are you going to need to do the sort of research you are planning? How much time have you got? Are your plans unrealistic? Having thought about these things, try narrowing down your ideas again to the sort of research you can do. Make a list of the skills and knowledge you bring to the research task.

Do you like interviewing? Will you be able to have the interviews transcribed? Are you keen to do surveys? Remember that you will need to have a reasonable sample to undertaken meaningful quantitative analysis. Are there sources of secondary data that you could access? Are there possibilities for documentary analysis? Look at the template below and consider each of the sections. You must be able to access your sources of data be they documents or people , and to give a full and nuanced answer to your question.

The question should showcase your imaginative abilities, however far it may be couched in existing literature. Remember, you must satisfy the learning outcomes of your course. Your question must be open to assessment, as well as interesting. A clear and simple research question will become more complex as your research progresses.

Start with an uncluttered question then unpeel the layers in your reading and writing. Make your question interesting, but try to avoid questions which are convenient or flashy. Remember, you will be thinking about this question for an entire year. Key Questions What aspect do you find the most interesting about your chosen field or topic?

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Dec 02,  · Formulating research questions for your dissertation; Dissertation roadmap. Start point; 1. Choose your topic They are usually the starting point of research and will help you to get clear on the topic of your dissertation. He tries to help students with writing clear and easy to comprehend articles about difficult topics/5(71).

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When you get to the point of writing a dissertation, you're clearly near the end of an important stage of your educational journey. The point of this paper is to showcase your skills and capacity to conduct research in your chosen discipline, and present the results through an original piece of content that will provide value for the academic and .

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Sometimes a research question appears feasible, but when you start your fieldwork or library study, it proves otherwise. In this situation, it is important to write up the problems honestly and to reflect on what has been learnt. Dissertation Proposal Writing Help Once you've chosen a dissertation topic, you are ready to move on the second step-developing a dissertation research question. The development of your dissertation question is important, as it will have a direct impact on other areas and phases of your dissertation.

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Example Dissertation Titles We have published a variety of dissertation titles covering many subject areas to help and inspire you in the creation of your own dissertation. These % legitimate dissertation titles have been submitted to us by students who have also struggled in the past and now want to pass on a little of their knowledge to. Dec 02,  · Take a look at our examples of good and bad main research questions for a dissertation. He tries to help students with writing clear and easy to comprehend articles about difficult topics. I can not help you with your research question with only such few information/5().