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Flower of Service Model - Essay Example

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❶We already knew that Facilitating service means a service required for service delivery.

Flower Of Service Essay Sample

According to the Ghana News agency report of the district, one of the classrooms even had pupils creating overcrowding and making teaching quite difficult and stressful for a single teacher. This is about quadruple the average pupil teacher ratio in Ghana which is supposed to be 35 pupils per class.

Most of the reforms that were introduced had suffered political patronage rendering them ineffective. When the NPP came to power in , they made some reforms that changed secondary education from three years to four years but shortly after the NDC returned to power in ; it reversed the system to the initial three years. This has created a lot of ongoing debate in the country.

Additionally, labour strikes by the teachers also affect the success of the institution. Some of these problems are not so predominant in the private schools.

Increased demand by the people and the limited resources available to the government has made it difficult for the government alone to finance education provision in the country. It has therefore become increasingly necessary for the private sector to get involved in the provision of educational facilities in the country.

Examples are, the current private universities established by churches like the Central and Methodist Universities and some individually established like Ashesi University. Furthermore kindergartens and primary schools being the most populous. Also most of these private institutions have introduced additional packages to the core service they offer.

Some of these being, exchange programmes, provision of food or canteen services, school bus service, after school waiting service, extra classes and vacation school being the new trend. This is not so in the public schools. Information technology has currently being introduced in the educational curriculum as this was not so before.

Most Private Schools now have branches in other localities and regions in the country. Additionally, most of these private schools have started making their establishment as a one-stop shop educational facility. Sone schools provide education from Nursery up to Senior High.

Branding has become very important in running these private institutions due to competition. Hence some names in the private schools carry lots of weight than others making them charge higher prices for the service they offer.

Also most of these schools perform better in examinations than the public schools. Notwithstanding, private schools, like public schools, have their own problems which include inadequate funds, poor infrastructure and high number of untrained teachers in some of the schools.

Having being approached by the school to conduct an assessment of its service concept we at Brainstorm Consults did a little background of the school.

Comfort Engmann an educationist as a private non-denominational Christian school, catering for children of ages between six 6 to fourteen 14 years of all nationalities. Its mission is to nurture pupils to attain top leadership positions in any field of their choice in the future.

The school is managed by a board of directors responsible for the general policy direction of the school and the day to day administration is in the hands of the chief executive officer, Headmistress, two Assistant heads and four Heads of Departments.

Apart from the normal classroom teaching the school offers training in sewing, cookery, boys Scout and Girls Guides. Attached is a brochure of the school which provides more information of the school.

The school has a canteen where pupils who do not bring food to school can buy food during break. Likewise, the flower of service concept has the core businesses of the firm with its supplementary services. According to Christopher Lovelock and Jochen Wirtz, the core products often share a range of similar supplementary service elements which has two 2 kinds. The facilitating and enhancing supplementary services which can be classified into one eight clusters as the petals surrounding the centre of a flower called the flower of service.

Facilitating supplementary service include information, order-taking, billing and payment. Consultation, hospitality, safekeeping and exceptions are what make up the enhancing supplementary services. This is delivered or created by employing qualified graduate teachers to teach the various subjects and creating the right environment for learning to achieve this objective. Again the school has adopted a small class size of maximum thirty 30 pupils per class to ensure effective class control and good supervision.

Teacher give pupils home work, project work and holiday assignments to reinforce the classroom teaching. Excursions and field trips are also constantly organised to give the pupils first information on what we treat in the classroom. The school has a library with good books to help both teachers and pupils for research. There is also a well stoked modern computer laboratory. The school has a science lab for practical lessons but according to the Science teacher we spoke to, he cannot hold science practicals with the pupils because there are few old equipment and chemicals in the science laboratory.

This we identified as a service gap. A glance through the brochure gives us broad and vivid information about the school. Telephone enquiry also gives information to prospective clients and its current clients during school hours. These sources of information by our assessment are not enough and can be improved upon. We realised information technology has not been taken advantage of.

Order Taking Order-taking by the school in terms of admissions is done by current and prospective clients personally coming to the school. This must be done a year before the intended date of admission.

This reservation does not guarantee admission but based on the wards passing an entrance examination and an interview. Information Technology is not being taken advantage of. Billing The third element of a facilitating service in the school which is billing has student statement given to parents at the end of every term.

This informs them on how much they owe and how to do the payments. Parents have to come to the school to collect this bill which we believe is a gap that can be improved upon. There are generally 3 elements of order taking. The 3 elements are: Application element here means what kind of order taking service we have in the aspect of application.

For example, in terms of application to be a membership in the club or to subscribe certain service subscribe iron utility in a hotel. The second element is order entry. Order entry means on what way the customer can make an order.

For example, the customer can make an order through online, telephone and others. The third element is reservation and check in. For example, is there such service like appointments or reservation of place to make the customer feel secure that they can get the service?

Why order taking is list in a facilitating service? Many goods or services must be ordered or reserved in advance. This is to make sure that there is no misunderstanding and to confirm the request of the customer. For example, in a restaurant, the waiter will go to customers and take order.

This is to know what the customers want and to make sure they can fulfill the customer request. With order taking, customers also will know what is available and they may want to secure commitment delivery. The process will more be fast and smooth. In MARA, the 3 elements of order taking exist. In term of application, Mara does provide financial credit such as for entrepreneurship, education and even for investment.

Whereas, in term of order exist, such financial credit can be made through online, telephone and even present at the place. As for reservation and check-in elements, they do have professional appointment for consultation service. As a service provider, we might charge the customers for the service that we had delivered or going to deliver.

The charges for every service usually differ from each other. As for this, we must provide the customer with a statement of bills to make them clear about the amount charged to them. Why does billing is categorized under the facilitating elements? Billing is important as it is required for the service delivery. Without billing, how the customers are supposed to pay the services that are provided to them?

As a service provider, we cannot simply charge the customers. We need a standard pricing in order to make sure that the customers are not being over charged. Now that we had known the meaning of billing and the importance of it, we should also know the best features of a good billing. A good billing should be clear, accurate and east to be understood by the customers. For example, when the customer wants to get a service, they will always want to know the amount that is charged to them.

If let say, they get more than 1 services, of course they want to know every price of the services they consumed. This is to make them feel satisfied and informed of the type of services that they get. The amount will increase I the next term. Besides, MARA also provides statement of bills for the payment that had been made by the borrowers. For example, after the borrower had made a payment, the amount paid and the balance due will be stated in the statement.

There are four 4 facilitating elements in the flower of service. Payment is one of them. Payment is the process or action of paying someone or something. Facilitating elements are the supplementary services that aid or help in the use of the core products or are required for service delivery. It is necessary to has facilitating element as it will give or meet customer satisfied with the service provided. For payment, the organization needs to have an easy way for the customer to pay their loan.

Customer will feel satisfied if the organization provides for them the convenient and practical ways for them to pay the loan. Once the organization makes an easy way for the customer they will give a good impression to the organization.

They do not have to come to the counter of service to pay their loan. They just need to have internet connection and can pay the loan wherever they go at anytime they want. By having this kind of service, MARA can achieve their customer satisfaction. MARA provides all these services to ensure that their customer can pay their loan in the easy way without waiting too long to pay their loan at the MARA counter.

With all kind of services it can be conclude that MARA always find ways to make their customer comfortable with their service and will ensure that the service convenient and applicable to be use by all. Based on a Flower of Service, enhancing supplementary services is said to add extra value for customers when they consume services offered by a firm.

Exception in Flower of Service is a supplementary service that fall outside the routine of normal service delivery. It can be said as flexibility in business because when something goes wrong during the services process between the customers and the service providers, the customers will expect some flexibility in the services when they make special request to the firm.

There are four types of exception in the enhancing supplementary services. Firstly, is special request which focuses on the request made by the customers such as special request on religious observance. Lastly is the restitution. Restitution is the act of restoring to the rightful owner something that which was taken from someone. In the services, restitution includes giving refund or compensation to people involved.

Next enhancing services were the consultation services. Consultation generally defined as the act of discussing something with somebody or with a group of people before a making decision Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary. Consultation consists of advice from a knowledgeable service person in response to the request. For instance, the customer might ask about opinion of the employees about the suitable service or products for them. There were several examples of consultation that can be used by the service provider in enhancing their service delivery such as customized advise, personal counseling, tutorials or training in product use and management or technical consulting.

Consultation with the customer can help the organization to continuous organization improvement, assessing customer needs, fosters ownership and better mutual understanding and also illustrate that the organization are committed on serving customer with quality service. The aim for these services was to help in solving problems or improve the performance and productivity of the entrepreneur or company through quality and effective advice.

The consultation services were operated by MARA facilitator panel. The scheme also focuses on private or partnership business, private limited company and operating indigenous cooperatives. There were several scopes of activities under this scheme such as Business Coaching, business diagnostics and management and development.

According to Brotherton and Wood offer a definition of hospitality as a contemporaneous human exchange, which is voluntarily entered into, and designed to enhance the mutual well-being of the parties concerned through the provision of accommodation, food or drink Hemmington, Basically, hospitality is one of the marketing strategies that service provider can employed. This is because customer invest and sacrificed their time, energy and effort to go to the firm to get the services needed, thus customer deserve to be treated well and warmly greet.

Hospitality is a people-processing service as it involves the tangible action to customer and customer need to be present throughout the service delivery in order to receive the desired benefit Oduori, According to Lovelock et al , the quality of hospitality services offered by a firm can increase or decrease customer satisfaction with the core product.

This is especially true for people-processing services, where it needs the active involvement of both service provider and customer. For example, the hospitality consists of organization that offers customer food, drink, waiting facilities, toilets and washrooms, magazine and others Mayer, This is because the success or failure of the guest experience may depend on every single moment of truth Mayer, Safekeeping is refers to re-assurance and peace-of-mind for the customers.

This means that MARA will keep the people who have financial loan for entrepreneurship, education and investment with them are always have assurance in where never they go. MARA use Islamic financial method to finance the entire loan given to the customers. Al Bai- Bithaman Ajil means sales with deferred price, Al-Murabahah means sales with profit fare, Al- Ijarah means lease or rental, Bai Al- Inah means selling an item at deferred price to the customer and Musyarakah Mutanaqisah means partnership.

This is some way they can have any issues or problems dealt with minimizes the risk. The people also need the transaction must be easy to do and make them feel good. MARA has already offered a good service to the customers at present. The customers hoped that good service quality can be maintained and strengthen their customers relationships.

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Flower of service is a visual framework for understanding the supplementary service elements that surround and add value to the core product. Flower of service is introduced by Christopher Lovelock that distinguishes between facilitating and enhancing supplementary services.

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Flower Of Service Essay Sample. Generally, financial services refer to services provided by the finance industry either public or private finance industry.

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More Essay Examples on Education Rubric. The assessment of the school, using the flower of service concept saw that information, a . The flower of service consists of four facilitation services. These are services that are either required for service delivery or aid in the use of the core product. These four services are; information, order-taking, billing and payment.

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