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❶Pre-Algebra Charles, et al.

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Hair uses the coordinator course feature in MyLab to create identical homework shells for each section of the course. Homework Hair is an advocate of using digital homework systems for lower-level courses such as College Algebra II. He finds that questions in courses at this level are generally easy for a computer to grade, usually having little to no partial credit or responses that would require instructor interpretation. Above all, he feels that the instant feedback afforded by using MyLab Math is especially important.

During the first two class periods of the week, traditional lectures are delivered by the instructors or graduate students, aligning to weekly homework assignments in MyLab. Students have unlimited attempts to earn the maximum number of points on each homework assignment before their due date on Tuesday of the week following the associated lecture.

Late homework is only accepted by permission of the instructor. No minimum homework score is required. Another feature of MyLab that Hair uses for this course is the set of learning aids available in the homework assignments. I like that the MyLab homework problems are tied directly to the textbook and that students can click in to the eText right from the problem if they need to. Quizzes and lab activities During the third class period of the week, students attend class in a computer lab.

This lab time is not intended to be spent on homework assignments. Rather, students either take proctored quizzes on the covered material or they work on lab activities that are designed to give them the chance to more deeply explore the algebra covered in the lecture.

All quizzes and lab activities are standardized across all sections of the course. Examinations and final exam Two minute, point midterm examinations are given during the course of the semester.

All students take their midterm exams at the same time on campus. A point comprehensive multiple-choice final exam is also given at the end of the semester. No textbooks, notes, or calculators may be used on any of the exams.

Grades are assigned on the basis of points. No extra credit is available in the course. Final course grades are assigned as follows: Over the years, Hair has tried different approaches to using homework in the course, including allowing only three attempts on each assignment instead of unlimited attempts, and incorporating the MyLab Study Plan as an additional source of required, but ungraded, practice for students. He ultimately determined that adding more assessments seemed to increase the complexity of managing and keeping up with them for both the students and the instructors, without presenting obvious improvements in student outcomes.

He decided to adopt the current practice regimen of homework with unlimited attempts before the due date, in hopes of finding balance while providing the necessary rigor to achieve success. Site Menu Search Contact Cart 0. Search by author, title, ISBN. Contact your sales rep. What best describes your organization? Home School Contact Us reset. About a purchase you have made FAQs: Pearson Math Programs Build successful math skills with our innovative lessons, research-based instruction, and a wealth of reliable teaching tools.

Device Computer 71 Smartphone 1 Tablet 19 Whiteboard 3. Program Type Core 23 Supplemental 7 Intervention 5. Early Childhood 3 results. Teaching Student Centered Mathematics.

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