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Got an email about 5 days later canceled again, same rhyme no reason??? Using this site is like hitting the lottery. Play at your own risk, I will never use this site again. I ordered a textbook for my son. They told me they would cancel my order and I could reorder. I felt that they should reorder in house and expedite the shipping. I was told it was not possible due to 3rd party who ships. They did apologize, said there was nothing else they could do, and ended the chat usually on live chat they will wait for you to end the chat by asking if that is all.

I feel as though they could have offered something like expedited shipping if I reorder and a discount code for the inconvenience.

I ordered it before school started and now he still has no textbook. I would say if you need a book to be delivered by a certain date, look elsewhere. I am very disappointed. Get your books and send them back on time. Just CALL you can get an extension for a month for free. Grow up and read the terms and conditions.

This was my first order with Chegg. On the screen, they showed delivery within business days and provided ebook for 7 days. I just spent an hour on the phone. If they do this to you, dispute the charge on your credit card. They advertise 2 day shipping and then it turns out it will be 12 days until your books arrive??? Called to complain and they could care less. I will be ordering all my textbooks and did nothing to from Amazon, which has a 6 month free trial for student prime, and that gives free 2 day shipping as well.

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I have had Chegg Study for somewhere around 8 months. To put it short I received a free month through purchasing Cengage Unlimited. When I tried to use that free promotion, my Chegg account was deleted. Thinking I had a free trial and since I already paid for my monthly subscription, I was very confused.

I have never had issues with Chegg until now, terrible company to deal with. UPS delivered my book to my porch, it rained that day. Great, I can wait another 30 minutes on hold to tell someone the same story. Will not use them again. I am beyond livid. But I canceled my account more than a year ago and I never heard anything else about it. Otherwise, they could sneak back in your account at any given time, just like they did to me. I ordered my book and paid for two day shipping.

After being on the phone for 40 minutes and getting no help my day was partially ruined. I was also not called back after I asked to be called back from the manager. Chegg also said that there was nothing they could do to get me my book when I needed it even though I paid the extra for the two-day shipping.

So far, I have had to change all my travel plans and waste hundreds of dollars trying to fix everything that could have been taken care of in 10 minutes. They tried to tell me about a free 7-day trial.

They charge me twice on my account. They are only out for your number that is why they asked for your card information. I am glad I have cancel their services and dispute this transaction.

I sold my book to Chegg. I signed up to receive the money through PayPal. They received it 10 business days ago. I called the customer service. The warehouse lost my book. They said they are willing to pay via check, which was not what I signed up for. The process for them to write and cut a check takes 15 to 20 business days!

So I did what I needed to do as a customer, they mess up and I get punished for it. This is horrible customer service. I am never selling or recommending them again. I was late to return my rental to Chegg by about a week or so. If you want to risk using Chegg, I strongly recommend mailing them your rentals early. They want your money every possible and impossible way.

I was about to cancel my subscription, but got very nice offer to pause my membership. I did, but they still charged me monthly fee. I have difficult time to find any contact information.

I only have one thing to say about Chegg right now. It has to do with their eReader. I bought a book from them because their price was the lowest I could find. This book has nearly pages. It looks like a useful form to achieve all that on. We also have specific book reviews that you can find by typing in "book review writing frame" into the search bar. Fox example we do have this book review writing frame for Room on the Broom: Hi rojones, Thank you very much for commenting!

Thanks for letting us know: Can this resource please be adapted so it is suitable for Year 5s? My class would find this too easy but I am looking for something suitable for Year 5 that is a non fiction review. Hi Carolynliptrot, Thank you for your comment on the Twinkl website. I hope you have a lovely day! Will use for book report on Black Beauty.

Would like to see more resources for this book. Hi beachcamp, Thank you for getting in touch on the Twinkl website. We do have some Black Beauty resources already available on the site: Could you take a look at this page, try again and let me know how you get on?

My reading corner, to ensure my ch have actually read their books. This will great for when children in my class have finished their reading book! They will have to complete a book review to put into the folder to recommend the book to their friends. Homework activity for Literacy Week.

Review your favourite text. I am going to sort my reading area out and use book review sheet as display to advertise the books! I use this resource for my guided reading sessions in Year 2.

It is brilliant, thanks. I will use it to get my class to do a review of Gangsta Granny, which we have just finished reading. Our unique and all-encompassing synthetic phonics teaching package with our all new Twinkl Phonics Family.

Phonics - Exclusive Preview. Book Review Activity Sheet. A colourful, attractive book, just right for dipping into. Next time you are struggling with homework, get this book out and try related activities - it will boost confidence. Big bright letters and an alphabet header of lower and upper case letters help children find their way around.

Every word is illustrated with a high quality photograph and the definitions are all given by using the word within a sentence. NOtes for parents and dictionary games round off what I think is the perfect first dictionary. Who knew maths could be such fun? I was particularly impressed with this book on two counts - the lively colourful presentation and the fact that the question allow children to practise their maths skills on real-life situations.

Many parents tell us children struggle with maths word problems - reading and interpreting a question as well as actually doing the arithmetic. They will also learn many interesting facts along the way, and enjoy the excellent photographs. I would love to see more in the series, which has books for KS1, 2 and 3.

Using characters beloved by children as a way to encourage early learning is an excellent device. Join Hello Kitty as she shows your child a simple way to learn the alphabet with one colourful page for each letter.

Content is written by an education expert and linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage. There are over colourful reward stickers and a reward chart to give children an incentive to learn.

Learn to outsmart your classmates with the tips in this exciting, top secret book! The secret tips included in this simple, easy-to-read text will have you writing opinion, fact, narrative, and directions in no time! Hello Kitty Starting to Write from HarperCollins Hello Kitty helps your child take an important step in getting ready for school in this simple-to-follow guide to starting to write. The Montessori method teaches writing before reading, so children learn to write their own thoughts before those of others.

In the classroom alphabet tiles encourage children to trace letters with their fingers. This concept is brought into book form with this board book in which each letter is embossed with a sand-like feel, so children can trace the letters, using the direction arrows. Rather than standard alphabetical order, the letters are grouped by shape, and the sound of each letter is given.

The book provides an excellent way for parents to bring Montessori teaching into the home and children will enjoy the bright colour backgrounds and attractive pictures. It also uses tactile tiles which enable children to trace the number with their fingers. These concepts are cleverly combined here, with one page of the sturdy board book showing the object - turn over and there is the textured numeral to trace.

Again, the bold use of colour and the attractive pictures will appeal to children and the book is an excellent guide for parents who like the Montessori concept but are unsure how to teach it. This is a comprehensive resource that includes all that a teacher needs to help children in Year 6 with spelling. The content is split into 15 targets, giving an excellent focus for lessons and ensuring complete coverage.

Each target then has three differentiated worksheets, allowing for whole class use, and notes for teachers are included. This is one of the most colourful early ABC books I have seen recently. The neat package includes a wipe off pen plus a set of double sided activity cards which reinforce the letters and words used throughout the book.

First of all, there is a double page spread of patterns to trace, which helps early pen control. Then each letter, accompanied by how to draw it.. Words of encouragement through the book help to keep children motivated. A lovely fun way to enjoy learning to write. This really is a bumper book, perfect to prepare children for those all-important days at pre-school. Whatever topic you want to help your child to grasp, you will find some help here.

It includes the alphabet, counting 1 to 10, writing and early maths - each section in a different colour to give children continuity. The Gold Stars series from Parragon Books is carefully planned to give progressive help through school, and phonics is an important early skill to grasp. A neat little pen holder plus pen sits neatly on the cover, so the pen is always to hand. There are 20 pages of activities, all on shiny wipe clean paper, including rhyming, letter ounds and alphabetical order.

The spiral binding and sturdy wipe clean pages make for a very practical book. The cards are sturdy and durable, allowing plenty of use as children perfect their skills.

The cards are really attractive to use, with their colourful pictures set against bright backgrounds. As well as the letter cards, there are cards featuring sets of pictures, and children have to spot the one beginning with the specified letter - then they can trace over the word on the reverse.

A lovely way to develop writing skills. This book takes an interesting approach to learning words, by showing the important concept of how words go together - for instance pizza, apple and banana are related as they are things we eat. Children need a good vocabulary and this is a super way to extend vocabulary.

The books are created by experts in the field, so you can be sure you are giving your child the best help you can. These cards offer parents an excellent opportunity to help children with the early concepts they will need when starting school. Colourful pictures are used to illustrate key concepts - opposites, odd one out and rhyming words.

The cards wipe clean and a pen is included, so children can keep practising and improving their skills. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of these cards - I was expecting playing card size from the box, but they are actually twice that, giving plenty of scope for young children to draw on the cards.

There is no doubt that some children respond excellently to reward charts and they can be a great way to encourage children towards good behaviour. Children will like the look of these books, with the fun colourful cartoon characters on the covers and through the books - a great way to encourage them. Again, the book is carefully graded to provide progressive learning and to ensure that parents know what their children should be learning at each age.

These books offer children plenty of practice, with fun exercises that will reinforce learning. Ideal to use during holidays to ensure no gaps in learning. Give your child a head start in school by enjoying together the activities in this colourful book.

They all support the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, so you know you will be helping your child in the best way possible. There is plenty of variety, both in the topics and in the way they are presented.

Award your child gold stars included and enhance learning with the colourful poster. So much early maths learning is done through incidental learning, as parent and child go about their everyday lives; the ideas in this book can be used to generate more learning opportunities. This will be welcomed by many parents, as we are so often asked for books that help with learning to tell the time.

I like the slim format of this book - it feels neat and comfortable to hold. Many of the activities also help literacy and numeracy skills too. Parragon Books have produced a huge range in the Gold Stars series which are excellent for supporting school work.

This title includes spelling, grammar and punctuation; reading comprehension; and writing composition - key topics children need to do well in their KS2 SATS - and in all aspects of learning.

Like all the books in the series, it is colourful and attractive, amking learning appealing. A special feature of this title is the pull out booklet which contains 20 tests - they are only short, so are perfect for a child to do at the end of the school day - or even to do just one a day during the holidays to keep learning going.

This book is amazingly good value - it is a bind-up of workbooks in maths, English and science and contains pages of colourful activities to reinforce learning all of which support the National Curriculum - plus the answers! Not just a workbook, though - it also includes plenty of useful tips to remind the child about what they have learnt perviously - the science section especially is excellent for revision.

The activities are fun, with lots of opportunities for children to fill in the answers and plenty of cartoon-style illustrations are included to keep interest alive.

The huge variety of topics covered in the book make it ideal to dip into as required. OUP have a well deserved reputation for producing excellent dictionaries for children and this one is an excellent way to introduce children to the concept of using a dictionary.

It is so important that children find it easy and enjoyable to use a dictionary beacuse this builds a firm foundation for enjoying words and language. Carefully laid out, from the use of letters down the outside of each page, to the page headers which help children to break down the alphabetical order of words, and on to the variation in font size and choice of colourful and often amusing pictures.

Interesting facts - for example, two types of forks, are included, which make the dictionary fun just to dip into - and perhaps for children to learn just a few new words each day. Packed with fascinating facts, all described in the interesting way we have come to expect from Buster Books. Whether you love or hate maths, this book will intrigue and entertain you and old alike.

Why is zero useful? What is a googol? How did a shadow clock work? Find out how maths has changed the course of history and how famous people of the past have put it to use. A super book to dip into and you are guaranteed lots of fun facts to entertain your friends. Understanding the importance of maths will help children who wonder why they have to do maths.

Lots of enjoyable activities, including matching activities and a story to share, make learning to read fun and give an excellent foundation. I was going to put this book in our Handwriting section - but then I realised how much more there is to the book than just handwriting. Handwriting is here, with clear instructions on how to write each letter, along with space to practise. With one colourful page per letter, children have pictures to recognise and an activity related to each letter.

It comes from Top That Publishing who produce some lovely and innovative books. Times Tables is designed for children in key stage 2.

Tables from 2 to 12 are included in colourful pages with amusing cartoon illustrations. Help children in key stage 2 to learn division with this sturdy colourful interactive book. Designed to support subtraction in KS1, this is a fun and colourful way to learn essential skills.

Children have the opportunity to repeat their sums over and over again until they are totally secure in their knowledge. Fun cartoon pictures add to the enjoyment. Adding Up is a colourful and fun way for key stage 1 children to learn addition skills. Numbers for 1 to 10 are included - just pull the tab to see if ypu are right!

Parents are often confused about the best way to help their children with maths as maths teaching seems to change so quickly.

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